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Elissa Jill Lieberman

I hope to join the ranks of artists who are not content to rest within the rigid confines of a particular style as I continue to bounce back and forth between the figurative and the abstract. I want to create a direct communication with a viewer using expressive faces and bodily gestures and marks. The totality of the bodies of work convey an intensity of feeling and a desire. I seek to express the sensuality and spirituality of the human form and the fleshy body of paint.


I am greatly influenced by the Renaissance masters, Abstract Expressionists, and German Expressionists. My deep love of art history is evident in  earlier narrative work with complex compositions and dramatic depictions based on mythology.


More recently I use theatrical gestural brushstrokes and an arbitrary color pallet in works both narrative, figurative, and abstract. I am drawn to portraiture and other figurative art. I try to never start a painting the same way twice in order to have an original experience with each painting. I no longer do preparatory studies or drawings for paintings. However,I have discovered the spiritual, mystical, and aesthetic qualities while painting abstract. My work engages the senses and creates atmosphere My philosophy is that art is ground on which many layers of the psyche can be expressed both literally and figuratively.

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